A Message From Our Head Girls

We would like to welcome you to our school’s website! We hope you gain a small insight into all that our school offers.

We believe our school embodies the Loreto ethos in that it strives to help our students develop as a ‘whole person’. We are encouraged and supported to reach our full potential academically, personally and spiritually. Our incredible staff supports our involvement in sports teams, the school choir, the student council, the ‘green school’ team, the Justice and Peace group, to name just a few. Our school has something for everyone in our student body to enjoy!

During our time here at Loreto, we have stepped outside our comfort zone and developed new skills in all aspects of life, from singing and dancing our hearts out on stage to politically debating at our very own Model United Nations. Now in our final year at school, we can look back knowing we have made memories here at Loreto that we will cherish for life.

We consider it a great honour, privilege and pleasure to be the Head Girl and the Deputy Head Girl for this academic school year.

We are so thankful to have been given the opportunity to lead and represent our student body and to give back to our school for all it has done for us. With a great Senior Leadership Team of 23 prefects behind us, we look forward to an enjoyable and memorable year ahead.

Head Girl – Laura Kealy

Deputy Head Girl – Molly Kennedy

The Senior Leadership team have chosen ‘Unstoppable Together’ as our school’s theme for the year. We want to encourage our students to realise their own capabilities and also the benefits and importance of working together with those around you, in order to achieve great things. We know that when we work together, as a school body, we truly are unstoppable.

Mary Ward, the founder of Loreto schools, once said, ‘Women in time to come will do much’. We believe that our school inspires us to strive to reach our full potential. Each Loreto girl is instilled with attributes that ensures we leave our school as hardworking and enthusiastic young women, ready to make a positive contribution to society.

We are so grateful for all the opportunities, experiences and memories that Loreto Secondary School has given us over the past six years and we will forever be proud to be a member of Loreto’s Brown Army.