A Message From Our Head Girls

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team 2020/21, we would like to extend a sincere welcome to our school’s website. Our website is here to give a glimpse into school life here in Loreto Letterkenny and to give an insight into all our school has to offer! 

Our school community is one that aims to empower us by instilling ambition and encouraging us to achieve our aspirations. Our mission is encapsulated by the Loreto ethos that promotes the development of the student’s ‘whole person’.

We believe our ethos manifests in many aspects of school life whether that be academically or through extra-curricular activities.

By granting us many opportunities to get involved in school life outside the classroom, our dedicated staff are extremely supportive in helping our students realise and unlock their full potential.

Both staff and students are committed to making positive contributions to our school community by engaging in school organisations such as the Student Council, the Green School committee, LKMUN and a wide range of sports.  

In this way our school appeals to a diverse range of talents and inclusively strives to nurture the unique gifts of every individual and encourages students to flourish by getting involved in things they feel passionate about! 

Maeve Harkin

Head Girl – Maeve Harkin

Cora Cox

Deputy Head Girl – Cora Cox

On entering our school there is a quotation that states “enter with a dream, leave with a vision”. As we embark on our final year in Loreto Letterkenny and reflect on our school experience, this quote resonates with us profoundly. Our journey here has been one characterised by evolution and personal growth. It has been an experience that has enabled us to acquire an unwavering sense of our identity and our aspirations and has simultaneously helped us gain the ambition and attributes that each of us will utilise to achieve our goals. As well as that Loreto Letterkenny is where we have formed lasting friendships and will forever be at the epicentre of some of our most cherished and endearing memories. 

For these reasons, we feel ineffably humbled to be given the privilege and honour of being Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl. The Senior Leadership Team anticipates the upcoming academic year and we aim to lead and represent our school with integrity and we hope to make our last year in Loreto Letterkenny a memorable experience!  

We are thankful that our school has been an environment that has continuously advocated our development and growth into the most authentic versions of ourselves. It has been influential in shaping us into empowered young women who are eager to make a positive impact in all our future endeavors. 

Our six years in Loreto Letterkenny will inevitably come to a close and each of us will leave with our own unique vision. However we believe that we will forever be united and connected by our shared experiences and memories of Loreto Letterkenny. The impact of our journey here is one that will leave a lasting impression and will hold significance for the rest of our lives. We will forever be grateful for all Loreto Letterkenny has taught us and our experience here is one we will always reminisce and recall with fondness and with pride.