Music, Drama and Dance

Loreto Secondary school has a strong tradition in music education and aims to provide students with musical experiences that enhance their lives.  Choir forms part of the timetabled curriculum for all first year classes in the school. Singers and musicians perform at numerous occasions both inside and outside the school.

Musical Opportunities include the following:

  • Choir
  • Solo Singing
  • Carol Singing
  • School Musical
  • Instrumental Music Group

In Loreto Secondary School Letterkenny we encourage students to learn new skills and become confident individuals. Through participating in dance and drama our students gain physical, social and emotional benefits while also gaining an appreciation of culture and arts.

Dance and Drama Opportunities include the following:

  • Dance Class
  • Group dances
  • Irish dancing
  • Short classroom Dramas
  • School Musicals
  • First Year Talent Show
  • Jigs for Jigsaw