Development Education

The Educational Philosophy of Loreto Schools refers specifically to the role of the Loreto School in developing in young people a sense of service and global citizenship.

The aim of development education is to increase awareness about the root causes of local and global poverty and injustice and to find meaningful ways of taking action for change. By creating a sense of solidarity and responsibility, students are encouraged to be active citizens of the world.

Development Education is an important element of education in Loreto Secondary School, Letterkenny. All subject departments promote global citizenship within their own subject area. We have many initiatives in our school which allow our students to take action for change. WorldWise Global Schools aims to promote the sustainable development goals. Our students attend the WorldWise Global Schools conference annually. In 2018 Loreto Letterkenny were delighted to be awarded a diplomatic passport at the Worldwise Global Schools conference in Galway. This means that we have achieved the second level of development education awareness within or school community. Our students were also awarded the “People’s Choice Award” which was voted on by all of the participating students at the conference.

Last year a group of our students also participated in the Concern Campaign Academy. The focus of the conference was Conflict and War. Students learnt about the effects of conflict within a country and in particular how children and their everyday lives are impacted. On return to school the girls who attended led many initiatives to raise awareness about the impact of war within the school community.

One hundred and forty delegates from schools in Donegal took part in the second Loreto Letterkenny Model United Nations (LKMUN) in 2018. Gathering together to represent countries and NGOs from across the globe, they cooperated enthusiastically to solve three complex world issues over the two conference days. Both seasoned and first time delegates negotiated with allies and enemies alike to co-submit on some promising resolutions to tackle the following issues, “Question of Violation of the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide”, “Question of the Rise of Extinction Rates due to Human Activity” and “Question of United Action Towards the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons”.  Preparations are already well underway for the 2019 Loreto Letterkenny Model United Nations.