The school accommodation, which has been extended several times, is maintained to a high standard. A very attractive learning environment has been created through the display of students’ work in public areas and in classrooms.

Whole School Evaluation, Department of Education and Skills, 2014


At Loreto Secondary School, Letterkenny we continually strive to provide the best learning environment that we can. All classrooms are teacher based. As well as general classrooms, the following are the specialist rooms and facilities:


  • 2 Rooms


  • 5 Science Labs
  • 2 Demonstration Rooms


  • 2 Music Rooms


  • 1 Gym
  • 1 Full Size Grass Pitch

Home Economics:

  • 4 Kitchens
  • 1 Textiles Room

Concert Hall


  • 4 IT Suites
  • I Pads

Special Educational Needs:

  • ASD Unit
  • 3 Resource Rooms
  • 2 Lifts

Other Facilities:


  • Canteen; open at 8am each morning
  • Library; newly refurbished and well stocked library
  • Oratory; a place of prayer in the centre of the school
  • Constance Centre; a small hall, used for a range of activities

Our Library – The Open Book