Green Schools

We have a very active Green Schools committee in the school.

Last year the Green Schools Committee worked hard to achieve the travel flag for our school. The team promoted a number of initiatives including “Walk on Wednesday” to try and encourage students to walk to school. In March 2018 they ran a very successful Green Schools week.

The Green Schools committee also introduced Keep Cups in order to reduce waste. The Keep Cups were made from bamboo and were therefore more environmentally friendly than plastic cups. The committee members travelled around Letterkenny to promote the usage of Keep Cups which you can now use in many coffee shops in Letterkenny. As a result of their hard work, Loreto Secondary school was awarded the green flag.

Green Schools is open to everyone and we look forward to welcoming any new members throughout the year.

If you would like any further information on Green Schools please speak to Ms. Mc Keague.