The school provides a broad curriculum to support the needs of its students.

Whole School Evaluation, Department of Education and Skills, 2014

Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle places students at the centre of the educational experience, enabling them to actively participate in their communities and in society and to be resourceful and confident learners in all aspects and stages of their lives.

See Junior Information Sheet for Parents of Post-Primary Students (PDF)

Junior Cycle Subjects and Choices

  • Core Subjects: Gaeilge, English, Science, Mathematics, Religion, History, Geography, Civics Social and Political Education (C.S.P.E.)
  • Languages: French or Spanish or German
  • Optional Subjects: Art, Music, Home Economics and Business Studies
  • Non-Exam Subjects: Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.), Information Computer Technology (I.C.T.), Choir and Physical Education (P.E.)

Wellbeing is a new area of learning introduced in September 2017. The four main pillars of the Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme are Physical Education (PE), Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) and Guidance Education.

Students who have difficulties with some subjects may be grouped into smaller classes and, where possible, can be offered help from the Learning Support Team.

Having completed the Junior Certificate Programme, students are offered the following courses at Senior Cycle:
Transition Year – 1 year – Optional
Traditional Leaving Certificate
Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (L.C.V.P.)
Leaving Certificate Applied (L.C.A.)