Student Leadership Team

Loreto Secondary School is committed to the development of the leadership potential of each student. Students are encouraged to lead others in a positive and encouraging way.

Students are given a number of leadership opportunities. These include

  • Peer Pal Programme
  • Student Council
  • Monitors
  • Senior Leadership Team (Prefects)

Peer Pal Programme

Transition Year students are appointed as Peer Pals. The aim of the peer pal mentoring programme is to offer additional support to our first year students who have made the transition from Primary to Secondary School and also provides an excellent opportunity for Transition Year students to develop their leadership skills.

Transition Year mentors are trained and supervised to offer support to any individual who may need support during their first year in the school.

Student Council

The Student council represents the entire student body and helps to promote a positive school environment which is conducive to educational and personal development.

The Student Council has elected representatives from each year group and meets weekly.


Fifth year students are given the opportunity to be monitors. Students must apply for the position and successful applicants are involved in a number of activities throughout the year. Monitors attend many school activities such as Information evenings and Parent Teacher Meetings. This role allows our students to develop their leadership capacity as they engage with other students, staff, parents and the wider school community.

Senior Leadership Team (Prefects)

The senior leadership team (Prefects) are elected each year from the sixth year group by their teachers and peers. Regular meetings take place with the Sixth Year Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl to discuss a wide variety of issues relating to school life. The senior prefects act as role models and mentors for all the students in our school and help to build and promote a positive, safe and happy school environment by their presence and example. Each prefect has responsibility for a junior class. They give time to this class and are kind and approachable to the students in their care.

 Being a senior prefect in Loreto Secondary School enables our students to develop personally into effective leaders, it creates cohesion between the sixth year students and the rest of the student body and it aims to use the strengths of the senior prefects to benefit and inspire our younger student.

 Senior Leadership Team (Prefects) 2018-2019

Back Row from Left: Lucy O Connell, Shauna Ward, Sophie Devlin, Aimee Bonner, Rosa Barrett, Rachel Morning, Hannah Mc Taggart.

Middle Row from Left: Cliodhna Harvey, Ciara O Malley, Anna Mc Ginley, Kyra Mc Brearty, Laura Crossan, Roisín Conaghan, Katie Lapsley, Sinead Doherty, Mhari Claire Mc Daid, Bronnagh Barron, Lydia Hosain.

Front Row from Left: Meadhbh Roarty (Third Year Year Head), Katie Harvey (Deputy Head Girl), Katherine Kelly (Head Girl), Blaithín Gildea (First Year Year Head), Anna Curley (Second Year Year Head), Vanessa Nunan (Transition Year Year Head).