Transition Year

Our Mission

In the spirit of Mary Ward, the Transition Year programme in Loreto Letterkenny promotes the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the individual. It prepares the student for her role as an autonomous, participative and responsible member of society.

The focus of our programme is such that each student, through new experiences, new knowledge, new emphasis, new expectations and new goals, is enabled to foster personal growth and development.

Transition Year places a heavy emphasis on learning from experience.
• Transition Year is focused on promoting maturity.
• The emphasis is on developing skills rather than on remembering facts.
• Students can follow and develop special interests.
• The Transition Year Programme offers students a broad variety of topics and subjects.
• The Transition Year Programme gets students out of the classroom and into other learning environments.
• Students can develop more independent study habits.

Course Content
A selection of the following subjects will be offered to all transition year students:
Irish, English, Maths, Religion, French or Spanish, German, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies (E.C.D.L.), Business, Physics, Careers, Art, Drama, Music, History and P.E.

In addition students will also have the opportunity to get involved in some of the following: Justice and Peace, Team Building,Road Safety, Mini Company, Young Social Innovators and coding. Students also participate in Social Projects, Work Experience, Community Involvement and Outings.

Transition Year provides students with the ideal opportunity to sample variety and
diversity in education. Through its emphasis on social awareness, academic skills and the working world, students emerge from transition year and embark on the Leaving Certificate Programme as more mature and responsible individuals.