Download Anti Bullying Policy (PDF)

An essential part of our school ethos is that every person in the school has a right to work in an environment that is free from all threats or acts of intimidation or violence.

Bullying may be defined as repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, – conducted by an individual or group against another or others.

It may present itself in any of the following ways e.g.:

  • Mocking, taunting, pointing. Name-calling
  • Spreading rumours
  • Unkind or insulting comments or text messages
  • Making threats
  • Pushing, tripping, bumping
  • Taking or damaging property
  • Leaving a person out of a group or activity
  • Shouting, roaring, back-answering in class
  • Loreto Secondary School, Letterkenny condemns all forms of bullying and commits itself to dealing quickly with all instances of bullying
  • The Board of Management strongly asserts the right of every member of the school community to work in a safe, caring and non-threatening environment
  • The school’s handling of bullying aims to be sensitive and supportive
  • As bullies rely and thrive upon silence it is important that all bullying behaviour is reported