Classroom Based Assessments – CBA’s

As part of Junior Cycle, students normally complete two Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) in each subject.

CBA 1  is usually  completed in Second Year and CBA 2 is completed in Third Year.

The following descriptors are used to grade the CBA’s:

  • Exceptional
  • Above Expectations
  • In Line With Expectations
  • Yet to Meet Expectations

The results of the CBA will be included on the student’s Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement. (JCPA)

In the case of the languages and practical subjects the CBA that students complete is specified because it is linked to the externally assessed practical examination.

Please click on the subject name and this will redirect you to the NCCA Guidelines on the Classroom-Based Assessments for that subject.

Students will be advised by their subject teacher when these CBA’s will be taking place.

Subject CBA 1 – Second Year CBA 2 – Third Year

Punann Teanga (Language Portfolio)


Tasc Cumarsáide (Communicative Task)



Oral Communication


The Collection of the Student’s Texts



Mathematical Investigation


Statistical Investigation



Extended Experimental Investigation EEI


Science in Society Investigation SSI



The Past is My Place


A Life in Time



Geography in the News


My Geography



A Person of Commitment


The Human Search for Meaning



Oral Communication


The Student Language Portfolio


Visual Art

From Process to Realisation


Communicate and Reflect



Composition Portfolio


Programme Note


Home Economics

Creative Textiles


Food Literacy



Business in Action